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Glass Beaches // Fairground // Go El Grande Go



Glass Beaches:

Bluesy/folky/indie-rock from the PNW


Fairground - Band Facebook Page

Stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, two voices, two songwriters, one sound, Fairground.

Go El Grande Go:

John Goodfellow was raised in Seattle. The best way to understand John is to imagine him with a toolbox in one hand and a briefcase in the other, interpreted as his practical and theoretical sides. Some of his more memorable early experiences are hitch hiking around the country, working on the North Slope in the oil fields and in the Alaska fisheries. During this period he also published the literary magazine CAKE and wrote the published essay: "Technology and the Production of Meaning". John eventually returned to his home town of Seattle where for the last twenty years he has been a successful entrepreneur. At the same time he self produced and recorded two albums, "Songs of Awe" and "ExTant", "Number 3" and his new release "Preaching to the Choir". Seattle Weekly has called him "weirdo folk", "unhinged" and "totally out-of-sight" and compared him to Captain Beefheart, Jeffrey Lewis, Daniel Johnston, and Kimya Dawson. He considers himself very lyrically driven and is attracted to Middle Eastern song elements. "What works for me is rawness and simplicity, which contributes to cathartic, spiritual experience